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Why O'Connor Cadiz Law

At the cornerstone of our law firm is the belief that our clients must understand what is going on in their own case, as knowledge brings comfort and a sense of control over what can otherwise be an overwhelming experience. We know that no one looks forward to having to hire a lawyer, but things happen in life where you must be legally ready. We hope that you will find that working with a lawyer can actually be easy, and we want for you to be happy despite stressful circumstances that may have brought you here. Forget the negative stereotypes that come with hiring a lawyer, we like to do things differently because we know that your legal case isn't about us- its about you. Choosing to work with only a handful of case types and a limited number of clients at any given time, we have deliberately designed a law firm in which the attorney gets to know her clients very well and has the time to make sure that their individual needs are met. We help you become legally ready in the areas of bankruptcy, personal injury, real estate closings and divorce mediation. We welcome you to reach out and let us know how we may be of service. If you have a problem that we cannot help with, every effort will be made to put you in the hands of another reputable law firm that we trust. 

Keeping you Informed, Before and During Representation

I provide informative tools, like my Fast Track Mediation Guide, The Indispensable Guide to Selling Your Home, and a my latest book, Bankruptcy Myths Exposed, all of which answer the questions that I hear most often. I encourage you to ask me questions throughout your case, from start to finish. Many lawyers are all too quick to get through the case and forget about the most important component: YOU.  Things are done a little differently around here. My clients love it. And I do too.

Serving Chicagoland in DuPage County & Cook County for almost 20 years

My offices are located in Itasca and Schaumburg, allowing me to provide service throughout the Chicago area and suburbs. We are located in both Cook and DuPage Counties to serve you better. If you have a real estate closing, you don't even need to come to us- we will go to where you closing is located. 

From this site you can download free consumer guides, shoot us an email, see our site in Spanish, or request a consultation. If you'd rather speak to a live person (no phone trees), call my office toll free at 888 878-5442. Thanks you for visiting my site, I hope that it has been helpful!

Carol O'Connor Cadiz
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Attorney & Owner at O'Connor Cadiz Law: Bankruptcy, Injury, Real Estate & Mediation

How Can We Help You?

How can we Help You?

The above is not a request for legal advice, nor does filling out the form constitute an attorney client relationship with O'Connor Cadiz Law. Merely filling out the form and/or receiving a reply does not mean that you are hiring me or that I agree to be your lawyer. Thank you.

Free Books and Offers

Don't Sell your House if you live in Illinois.... until you read this booklet!

Don't Sell your House if you live in Illinois.... until you read this booklet!

I'm Selling my Home in Illinois- Now What? Written in plain English, this complimentary booklet is filled with tips, worksheets & handy information for sellers

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Free Illinois Bankruptcy Book

Free Illinois Bankruptcy Book

Considering BANKRUPTCY in Illinois? Get the book on it! Complimentary Paperback or Immediate Download available.

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Don't Get Divorced Without Reading This Book! (Unless you love throwing away money at lawyers)

Don't Get Divorced Without Reading This Book! (Unless you love throwing away money at lawyers)

Considering DIVORCE in Illinois? How about mediating your divorce instead of fighting?

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