Don’t Let Your Spouse Intimidate You Out of a Divorce  A lot of times people worry about intimidation tactics in a divorce. They’ll come to me and say, “Carol, I really want to get a divorce. I know this is what’s right for me. But my husband (or my wife), they’re just telling me that they’re going to make it impossible for me. They’ll tell me things like, ‘You’re not going to get anything! You’re going to be left without the house. You’re not getting a dime! The retirement account—it’s all mine! I’m going to leave you penniless! You’re going to get nothing! You’ll never see your kids again!’”

Sound familiar? These are things that sometimes people hear when they tell their spouse they want to get a divorce. Remember, the person that you are looking to divorce, they know you and they know how to push your buttons. They’re saying these things because they’re scared. Maybe they don’t want the divorce, or they’re worried about what’s going to happen. So they start to push your buttons, and they say these things out of fear. But one thing you really have to understand is that, if you want to get a divorce, it’s not up to your spouse how the outcome of the divorce is going to happen.

Divorces will happen in one of two ways: (1) either by agreement, where you and your spouse come to some kind of an arrangement as to how things are going to work with respect to money or property or kids, or (2) if you cannot come to an agreement,  then the court is going to have to decide. And, guess what? The judge is not going to give your spouse everything that they want.

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