Understanding the Different Types of Child Custody

http://www.CADIZLAW.com In order for joint custody to work, both the mother and the father need to be committed to a joint custody arrangement. If the mother and the father can’t cooperate or can’t even talk to each other about what’s in the best interest for their children, there’s no way that joint custody will ever work. The courts usually believe that joint custody is in the best interest of the children because they have both their mother and their father making major decisions for them. If the mother and the father can’t get along with each other well enough to sit down and be able to make decisions for their children together, then there’s no other option than to have sole custody. Sometimes sole custody is the best thing where one parent is not involved with the child’s life, or they are simply not able to get along well enough to be able to make decisions for the children. In that case, the court will award sole custody either to the mother or the father. That means the other parent, while they might have visitation rights and will most likely be seeing their children, won’t have any say in the major decisions in their children’s lives.

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