I chose to go with Carol Cadiz. I am so glad I did!!

After being married for 18yrs I decided it was in the best interest of all parties involved (my son, my wife's and mine) to move on with my life. It's not fair to anyone to live miserable, especially for a child. Years of constant fighting and bickering takes it's toll on a father and son's relationship. I meet with several attorneys to discuss the divorce process. And after a few weeks of collecting my thoughts I chose to go with Carol Cadiz. I am so glad I did!! She was very informative right from the beginning. Any questions that I needed answered, they were addressed very promptly. All of the issues that arose over the course of the divorce were handled very professionally and respectfully. While I did not want to agree with all of the advice that was given, I ultimately took all of it and everything worked out for me in the end. I can see first hand that family law is a tough profession to be in, but Carol is an amazing person. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help and advice during a similar tough and trying time. In fact I have already sent two people to her. Thanks for all of your help Carol!!

Marc V., Hampshire, IL