Attention Chicago Area Realtors! The Multiboard 7.0 is here!

Realtor's Guide to the Multiboard 7.0 Real Estate Contract IL

The 7.0 Multiboard is here and its time for us all to become familiar with it. Here is a free resource for Illinois Realtors to help you:

  • Identify changes
  • Understand the changes
  • Learn what to do with these changes: practical tips to help you quickly and easily fill out the 7.0 Multiboard Contract. 

This easy to use guide began as notes I made to myself, as a practicing real estate attorney. As I went through the contract and my list of notes grew in preparation for the new contract, I realized that this was a tool which could also come in very handy for Realtors. I made a few tweaks and added practical tips that Realtors can begin using right away, and sent them to the Realtors in my network. The feedback has all been very positive. 

Please accept my thanks for everything you do for the members of our community, and download your free copy. YOU are the backbone of the housing industry and are very much appreciated! 


OPTIONAL: If you'd like a hard copy, insert your business address here and I'll be happy to mail it out, along with a few other goodies. Your physical address is NOT required to receive the guide, only if you want the hard copy. 
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