Curious how much money you'll see from the sale of your house?

Home Seller's Proceeds Tool: How much money will you get?

List Price, Sale Price, Offer, Contract Price... Let's instead talk about what is really the most important number for people who are selling their house: Profit. How much money will you net from the sale of your house after everything and everyone is paid? This is the amount that goes into your pocket at the end of your closing. 

Provide us with some simple details in the form below.   This will be turned over to the attorney who will personally prepare an analysis for you, based upon home closings in the Chicago area. (This is not a "plug in" where you have a computer spitting back a number at you without any human component!) You tell us what you realistically expect your local home to sell for and we do the rest, with results sent right to you. No wracking your brain trying to figure it out, no hassle, and zero obligation on your part. We are happy to help.

How Much Money Will I Get At Closing?

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