Choosing the right closing lawyer is critical- making the right selection is as simple as knowing just a few key facts


Confused by all the Lawyer Ads?

Once you are under contract to sell your house, you'll have to select a lawyer quickly. You may be getting lots of 'junk mail' and names given to you by your Realtor or by people you work with. But what do you really know about the person that you are thinking of hiring? It may be tempting to just call the first phone number you are handed, and this could work out just fine. But in what is likely to be one of the largest financial transactions of most people's lives, you owe it to yourself to first take a few minutes to think it through and at least know the right questions to ask.

Make it Easy

Time is precious, especially when you are gearing up to move. Just request a complimentary copy of "The Seven Biggest Myths Surrounding Real Estate Lawyers", written for sellers in the Chicago & suburban market. The outcome of your closing may depend on it.


  • Why not just any old lawyer will do
  • How Illinois really is different when it comes to how closings are handled
  • Why, during this already stressful time, great service can make the difference between sleepness nights and knowing that you're in good shape
  • The Pros and Cons of using your "realtor's lawyer"
  • The truth about lawyer pricing of real estate services
  • What to ask about the actual day-to-day involvement of your lawyer
  • When you should hire the attorney (and yes, you will need one!) 

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