Join Our VIP Program: Because talking to a Lawyer shouldn't be Scary!

MyLawVIP is a free benefit offered by O'Connor Cadiz Law

Unlike those law firms who will nickle and dime you or act like they are doing you a huge favor to even speak to you, O'Connor Cadiz Law encourages members of the community to reach out when legal needs arise. Have you ever just felt like you wanted to talk to a lawyer real quick but didn't know where to turn or felt intimidated by your options? Legal services are all about relationships and trust, and I wanted to be able to give that to people, not just to clients. The VIP program is my way of saying thank you to clients and to our community. (There really is no catch!)

Here is a list of the member benefits we currently offer:

  • Free Consumer Contract Review (leases, listing agreements, consumer agreements). We cringe when we hear about people signing something that they didn't understand, and being hurt by it later. Our consumer review includes reviews of leases, real estate listing agreements and contracts, and general consumer contracts where you feel that you should have a lawyer look something over before you buy or sign up for a service.
  • Free Notary Service at our Itasca office. Just contact staff at [email protected] ahead of time to make sure our notary is available. No waiting in line at the bank!
  • Free 15 minute telephone consultation with the Attorney*Forget those 'lawyer referral' companies with little to no standards required of the lawyers to join. If it is something that we can help you with, we are here for you. Otherwise, we will still want to hear your story and give you general advice when possible and when apprporiate, partening with or referring you to a lawyer that we trust.
  • Discounts As a VIP member, you will receive a 5% discount off of the rate on any new case for which we billed hourly. Soon we hope to add local retailer and restaurant discounts as a way to support local businesses and to say thank you to our VIP members (if you know of a small business who might be interested, please let me know). 
  • Free Fun Newsletters delivered to your door each month. 
  • Bilingual (Spanish) Legal Services  Attorney Carol Cadiz is fully bilingual, and bicultural of Mexican heritage. 

*Free Consultation excludes divorce, separation, child support, child custody matters. 


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