Divorce on the FAST TRACK?

Your Divorce on the FAST TRACK: Essential Mediation Guide

Written by divorce attorney and mediator Carol O'Connor Cadiz, this comprehensive guide was written with you in mind.  Divorces can get stalled for so many reasons and often it is because the parties do not feel comfortable sitting down togheter to work towards a solution during what is surely a very difficult time.  Mediators are trained to help with that and while not a solution for everyone, request a copy of our free guide to help you learn about the process.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How divorce mediation is different from the traditional route of Illinois Divorce
  • What to Expect in Divorce Mediation
  • How it can save money in the long run on your divorce
  • Benefits of Divorce Mediation
  • When you Should Start Mediation
  • And More!

Here is an easy way to get informed without feeling pressured or even scheduling an appointment.  Now, if you are ready to start the process, we can do that to, but I encourage everyone who is facing divorce to, at the very least, download my free report to learn more. 

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