What is Legally Ready To Wed? Are YOU ready?

Legally ready to wed? Brides and grooms in IL take notice!

Legally Ready to Wed

Legally Ready to Wed is a concept that I created to help educate brides and grooms about some of the legal issues that they should perhaps be thinking about before getting married. The two biggest concerns are usually centered around buying a house (which involves, of course, money) and general financial issues. Conversations about where you will live and how money will be handled after you are married are critical for success! The planning tools consist of resources specifically tailored to today's soon-to-be brides and grooms to help them decide what, if anything, they might need legal assistance with.

Resources for Brides and Grooms include:

  • Our free Illinois name change kit for brides (you don't need a lawyer for this!)
  • Prenuptial Agreements (Did you know that pre-nups, when done correctly, are way more than 'divorce planning' documents & can actually help keep your marriage running smoothly? And prenups are not just for rich people! )
  • Real Estate Closings (ask for our newleywed packages on home sales & buys), including referrals to area realtors who I know will do a good job! Now that the average age of women getting married is 27 and for men, 29, more and more newleyweds either already own a home or are financially ready to buy their first home.  
  • Debt elimination (When and only if appropriate, before it hurts your marriage- through bankruptcy)
  • Powers of Attorney to make sure that your spouse can make decisions for you in case you become incapacitated, hassle-free (you'd be surprised what can happen...)  
  • Free inclusion in our firm's VIP program, your new family's go-to resource whenever a legal issue crops up & you just want to talk to someone.  

Today's engaged couples should be thinking about these things, even though it is unlikely that you will need more than one of these at the outset. While its not for everyone, what I find is that smart brides and grooms don't put their heads in the sand or think that they can wait to think about this stuff. They first educate themselves, then have the conversation with their fiance, and then if necessary, they reach out for legal assistance to make sure that it is handled correctly and with care. 


After 20 years of helping people get divorced, it became crystal clear to me that the number one reason that I see for divorce is either a failure to make decisions together about money or having too many financial problems coming into the marriage. While there is an abundance of information out there about how to create your dream wedding or what to do once you've tried everything and failed (2 big industries: the wedding industry and the divorce industry), there wasn't a lot of help available from a legal perspective about how people can protect their marriages before they even start. I don't want to see more divorces. I want to see more intact families and people spending the rest of their lives happily together. Of course, there is no 'magic happy marriage pill' and you can't buy your way to a good marriage (it takes WORK), but I wanted to do my part to educate brides and grooms about what they should be thinking about before they officially tie the knot. 

'I want to make sure that my legal affairs are in order before I get married, what now?'

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If you don't know what you may need & need helping thinking it through, or are looking for something that we don't do, that's okay too! We want to help & will do our best to point you in the right direction!

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