Don't Get Divorced Without Reading This Book! (Unless you love throwing away money at lawyers)

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Most divorce lawyers in the Chicago area charge a minimum of $300 per hour, and some even charge in 15 minute increments. Even a "simple" divorce could cost you approximately $15,000.00, with the average divorce costing in the neighborhood of $25,000. The more complicated your divorce in terms of assets or children, the more expensive. A quick phone call to your lawyer could end up costing $50! It adds up quickly! 

 What if there were a better way to get divorced? 

For many people, there is. They visit a neutral mediator, usually several times, for the negotiation portion of the divorce. This saves time and money. The catch? Both husband and wife have to be mature enough to handle it. No insults, no drama- just a firm dedication to get down to business in a way that is fair and mutually acceptable, with the guidance of a trained divorce mediator. 

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