Facing Divorce? Start with an In- Depth & Personalized Consultation where you won't feel rushed.


Breaking up and its aftermath is stressful.  Sometimes relationships fizzle out and both people decide to call it quits. Sometimes things are going along fine and then something happens and you end up blindsided and single again. If it is your marriage that is coming to an end and especially if there are children involved- there are the legal consequences to deal with. Divorce is overwhelming, expensive and takes an emotional toll. However, often times the only way to get to a good place is to pass through the bad for a while. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

I think I'm headed for divorce- what now? 

I firmly believe that the more you know about what is happening, the better equipped you will be to deal with it and to help your family get through it. Much of what I do is divorce. It all starts with a visit to either Schaumburg or Itasca where you will be treated in a most respectful and welcoming manner. Come with a list of questions, or if you aren't sure where to start- don't worry- after we're done talking you will have a much better understanding as to what your options are. Fill out the Consultation Form & we'll get in touch, or give us a call. The consultation is a good way to put your mind at ease by having your questions answered. We do charge for a consultation but you will find that the consultation is centered around you and your concerns. It won't be a sales pitch. Not ready yet? We'd like to stay in touch- subscribe to our newsletter and when the time is ready, if it feels right- give us a call. 

Can I mediate the terms of my divorce first?

Yes. Many couples chose to use a neutral mediatior (often a lawyer, like me) to come to an agreement before a divorce is even filed. This can cut down significanlty on the amount of time and money spent once a divorce is filed, not to mention stress. I am a big believer in mediation, for the right people. Not everyone is a candidate but if you are curious about how mediation works, call me or download our free Fast Track Mediation Guide to learn more.  I'd be happy to mediate your divorce for you and your spouse, if mediation is appropriate for you. This can be done in either our Itasca or Schaumburg office. 

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