Same Sex Marriage in Illinois ? Not this time around.

Posted on Jun 01, 2013

According the Chicago Tribune, gay marriage for same sex-couples in the State of Illinois still has not passed into law. Same sex couples flocked to Springfield yesterday hoping to see the House approve the bill which passed the Illinois Senate earlier this year in February. They were hoping to witness history in the making and get the green light to begin wedding preparations of their own as Governor Pat Quinn indicated that if it passed, he would sign it. The bill is also supported by President Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Illinois would have been the 13th state to make same sex marriage legal. But when it came time for summer adjournment on May 31st, the bill's sponsor Greg Harris (D) decided not to call the bill indicating hope that a delay would allow for support now lacking to be gained in the upcoming months. The bill is being opposed by religious groups calling for marriage to remain available strictly between men and women. Since there was no vote, it may still pass later this year. 

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