I just signed my real estate contract to buy or sell a house. So NOW WHAT? Get a lawyer, you'll be glad you did!

Buying or selling a house in the Chicago area? Great! After all of the price negotiations are over and you have a contract, don't think its stops there until closing. There are many behind- the-scenes things that have to happen, dictated by the long contract you just signed! Don't go it alone. You need a  good real estate lawyer who is experienced in doing home closings. Think about it, this is one of the biggest, most important, and hopefully exciting financial transactions you are making. You want to make sure that it all goes smoothly from the legal end of things. While realtors are terrific, remember they can't do the legal work (just like I wouldn't be able to show you a house).  Real estate transactions can be complicated and there are numerous deadlines, obligations and rights that buyer and seller have to be aware of. A qualified real estate attorney will get you through it and answer your questions along the way. Ideally, this should be done  before you sign the agreement. At O'Connor Cadiz law, we have been doing residential real estate closings for over ten years and pay careful  attention to detail. Give us a call for a no-obligation conversation. We are located in Schaumburg and Itasca and serve most all of Chicago land. 

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