Bankruptcy Filers Beware of Big Purchases Before Chapter 7!


Buying anything on credit right before a bankruptcy is not a good idea.  If you do, getting your debt for that particular credit card wiped out in a chapter 7 might not be possible. Not just the questionable purchase but the entire amount owed on the whole card. Worse yet, you could put your entire bankruptcy at risk! While you probably didn't mean to do anything wrong or maybe something unexpected came up like a car repair, the bankruptcy court or the creditor might see it as fraud. It all depends on the amount of the purchase, the circumstances, and how close to the bankruptcy filing we are talking about. The issue becomes that at the time when you incur debt, you can't be thinking that you won't have to pay it back since you will file for bankruptcy. Once you begin to seriously consider bankruptcy, it just wouldn't be "right" to continue to incur debt.  The safest and correct thing to do at that point is to completely stop using credit cards, including store cards and go talk to a bankruptcy attorney to see what your options are. For a confidential consultation to discuss how recent spending might affect a bankruptcy, contact O'Connor Cadiz Law at 630 250-8813 with appointments available in Schaumburg and Itasca.

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