Getting Ready to Mediate your Dispute: Quick Tips for Success

When preparing for Mediation on your case, here are some quick tips for success…
  • Know the Issue(s) that you want to Mediate
  • Have a Clear Idea of Your Position
  • Decide in Advance where there is room for compromise and where there isn't
  • Bury the Emotional Hatchet, if only temporarily (Keep it Business-Like)
  • Keep an Open Mind and Listen to the other party
  • Listen to the Mediator's Observations- He or She is there to Help you both
  • Time the Mediation correctly based on Circumstances
  • Don't be afraid to End Mediation
  • Don't be afraid to Keep Mediating
  • Don't go in Angry

​Last of all, relax and give it your best shot.

If you are still considering whether or not mediation is right for you and you live in the Chicago area, request a confidential consultation with Carol O'Connor Cadiz, a licensed Illinois attorney and mediator with offices in Schaumburg (Cook County) and Itasca (DuPage County). Call 630 250-8813 now for more information, or fill out a web form and you will be contacted shortly. 

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