11 Things to Look Forward to After Your Divorce

We often think of all the woes of divorce because, let's be honest- divorce is a hard thing to go through. What helps, while in the throes of the bad times, is to remember the light at the end of the tunnel. Here is a lighthearted list of just a few of those things you can look forward to after a divorce:

  • Knowing that the hardest part is behind you. You were brave and you survived!
  • Not having to call to "check in" if you want to stay out late to hang out with your pals
  • More free time to enjoy your own hobbies
  • Not having to compromise on movies- go see what you want and make it a double feature if you feel like it!
  • Taking control of your own finances and knowing that what's yours is yours
  • You get the bed all to yourself with no one to hog the covers from you or wake you up with their snoring and kicking
  • Freedom at last from all those annoying little habits of your ex-spouse
  • Re-decorating!
  • Pizza, how YOU like it (none of this half mushroom half sausage... get the whole thing your way!)
  • Knowing that life gets better and better one day at a time as you heal your heart and get distance from the divorce
  • Your kids look more relaxed and less stressed, now that the divorce is in the past

The most important thing to remember is that there IS light at the end! Divorce is like a dark tunnel you have to get through - connecting a sad/hurtful or otherwise not-working-anymore chapter of your life to a future that is yours to shape as you wish. If you are thinking about divorce in the Chicago area, contact O'Connor Cadiz law to ask for a consultation or maybe just to browse through our free book about divorce.  We will hold your hand and remind you throughout the process, that there are better days ahead. 

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