Wondering Why Creditors Are Still Calling After You Filed for Bankruptcy?

Creditors are not supposed to call you once you filed for bankruptcy. There is something called an Automatic Stay that goes into effect immediately (automatically) as soon as you file for bankruptcy. In theory. But your creditors don't know that you filed the very second that you do it. They receive notice by regular mail from the bankruptcy court. This takes time to be generated and mailed. Then there is the time that it takes for the creditor to have the information entered into their systems, putting two and two together.  Thus, the gap between the time you file for bankruptcy and the time it takes for a creditor to figure it out and make sure the calls and harrassment stop.  Some companies are better about this than others. If you get a call from a creditor, don’t panic. Let them know that you have filed for bankruptcy. If you are a client of O'Connor Cadiz Law, we will take the call and give them your case number and other relevant information. This way, they will update their records and stop harassing you. They don't mess around once you have a lawyer. We will take those calls while we are working on your case before it is even filed. That way they deal with us, not you.

If you live in the Chicago area (and suburbs) and are being harrassed by creditor calls, give us a call as you may be a candidate for bankruptcy. Lets put a STOP to calls from bill collectors once and for all. Located in Schaumburg and Itasca, give us a call at 630 250-8813 to schedule your bankruptcy consultation. 

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