So you want to know if you can file for bankruptcy by yourself...(really?)

Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer for your Illinois Chapter 7 case may seem like a big, scary expense during a time when you don’t have money for anything extra, let alone a lawyer.  You might be wondering if you need a lawyer to do your bankruptcy or if you can do it yourself. Legally, you are allowed to file your own bankruptcy without hiring a lawyer. The real question is whether or not you should just try to do it yourself. In my experience, most people who try the do-it-yourself option mess it up which can have dire consequences. Having to hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to fix mistakes and then re-doing the bankruptcy, if it is even fixable, is often more costly than having it done by correctly in the first place.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that filing for bankruptcy is just “filling out a form”. Bankruptcy rules and requirements are complex and then there are local rules put forth by each district (for example, the Northern District of Illinois which services Chicago and surrounding area bankruptcies). Then each judge and each trustee have their own rules to follow and you don't need me to tell you how many of those there are in Chicago. Get it wrong and you could be in hot water.

Bankruptcy attorneys typically attend continuing education seminars to keep in the loop of changes and nuances of bankruptcy. If you are considering bankruptcy and live in DuPage County, Cook County or Kane County, call a Chicago area bankruptcy lawyer at O’Connor Cadiz Law to schedule a confidential consultation in either Itasca or Schaumburg. 

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