Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in and around Chicago

Being hit by a car while riding a bicycle can be especially serious, as the bike offers no protection from the force of the hit, usually knocking the cyclist right off from his or her bicycle, leaving everyone wondering how it happened. One moment you are riding along, and the next minute you are down on the ground. Bike accidents often happen so quickly that there isn’t time to process what happened, which is why witness accounts of what happened are especially important. The police should be called to the scene and the accident reported as soon as possible, in order to document recollections and help with information gathering. If you have been hit by a car while riding your bike, as soon as you are able to, write down everything that you remember about how it happened so that it will be easier to recall later. Below are listed the most common kinds of cycling accidents and their causes:

  • A car turns a corner and doesn’t see a cyclist in the crosswalk
  • A car or cyclist misjudges the speed or distance of the other
  • A car is distracted, possibly by texting and driving or is just not paying attention
  • Bicycles and cars sharing a crowded street where congestion forces the car or the bike out of their lane
  • Bicycles in the blind spot of a car on the road
  • A car’s failure to yield
  • A car’s blowing the stop sign or running a red light in the area of the cyclist
  • A car pulling out into traffic, from a driveway or parking lot, without seeing the cyclist
  • A car turning or making lane changes in the path of the cyclist
  • Drunk drivers

Extreme caution must always be taken by drivers and cyclists, especially in Chicago or whenever bicycles and cars share a roadway. Always wear a helmet and reflective clothing when riding your bike to help minimize your chances of being in a bike accident.

 If you have been in a bicycle accident, speak to a lawyer before the driver’s insurance company gets a hold of you- as the insurance company will be anxious to start building a case against you as soon as possible. We can help you try to put the pieces together and help you decide whether or not you wish to pursue a case if the driver of the car was at fault for your injuries.

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