Mediation for Separating Couples may help with the agreement that you'll definitely want to have in place if you are (maybe) splitting up in the Chicago area

Mediation isn't just for people who are committed to a divorce. Mediation is actually for anyone who has trouble resolving a dispute with someone else and is often times used by couples who need time apart. Having a written agreement in place is especially useful if there are kids involved in the relationship or bills that are usually paid together. If someone is moving out, what happens? Topics that you may want covered in a separation mediation might include

  • Parenting Schedule: Who spends time with the kids where and when
  • Holiday Schedule for the kids: Don't wait until the day before a holiday and have your kids hear you fighting about where they will be. This is sure to ruin their holiday for sure
  • Major Decision needs to be made for a Child (example: Medical decision, decision about which school they will attend, etc)
  • House: Who stays and who goes?
  • How will the rent or mortgage be paid for 
  • Will any of the utilities be discontinued? Will both people continue to pay for them or only the person who stays in the house?
  • Joint Debt: Who pays the credit card bills or monthly expenses that used to be paid for by both of you?
  • Pets: Who keeps the pets and pays for their care?

These things will need to be decided if you are separating. The question is will they be decided on the spot when things come up or in advance, in a calm atmosphere? If you are facing a separation in the Chicago area and need help coming to an agreement, consider mediation. If you are already in agreement, we can put on our lawyer hat and draft the document for you. Located in Itasca and Schaumburg, we are ready to help. 

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