Will mediation save money?

Reaching an agreement in mediation can be a huge money saver! While it is true that possibly three professionals now need to get paid (2 attorneys plus one mediator), many people still find that they can save significant legal costs if they use a mediator. A disputed issue is a disputed issue, which, if you cannot solve on your own, will need to be negotiated in the course of the divorce with the help of the attorneys. Sometimes this will also involve the input of a judge at a “pre-trial” conference with both attorneys.  Mediation tends to focus like a laser beam, directly on the issue that you want solved; and sometimes resolution of one issue will naturally and almost accidentally, lead to resolution of multiple issues.  The main money saving benefit of mediation is that it will avoid a trial if it is successful! If your case gets litigated to the end and must go to trial because a settlement was not reached, it is going to be very expensive. The amount of attorney time required to adequately prepare for a trial adds up very fast and you will likely be asked to make a large trial retainer deposit. 

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