If I file for Bankruptcy, Who Finds Out?

People filing for a consumer bankruptcy sometimes worry about who will find out. If you are filing for bankruptcy in Illinois, you should understand who can, legally, find out about your bankruptcy and who, in reality, will find out about it. Within that gap is where most find comfort if they are worried about it.

Understand this: bankruptcy is a matter of public record which means that anyone who really is curious can go through the time and trouble of searching court records for you.  Here’s who realistically, you can expect to find out that you filed for bankruptcy:

  • Your creditors. Everyone listed on your bankruptcy paperwork will receive notification from the United States Bankrtupcy Court.
  • Co-Debtors. For instance, if you have a joint credit card with someone else, that someone else will be sent notice.
  • Whomever you chose to tell.
  • Anyone who runs a credit report on you.

What about your employer? Probably not, but there are some instances in which an employer will know that you filed for bankruptcy. 

WIth the thought of bankruptcy, come many questions. Schedule an appointment in Schaumburg or Itasca to find out if things can change for the better for you if you file for bankruptcy. Stop worrying about who will find out or what others think. There is no reason for shame in fixing your debt worries. O'Connor Cadiz Law will explore your options with you in a no-obligation consultation. 

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