My ex is supposed to pay maintenance and isn't. What can I do about it?

You will know better than anyone if your ex spouse deserves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to not having sent you the maintenance check you were supposed to get. Before spending the money to hire a lawyer to take him or her to court, you may want to consider that it may have been a legitimate mistake in which case a friendly phone call or text might be in order. But, if you think your spouse simply is chosing to violate a court order, your only recourse may be taking him or her back to court. Your divorce lawyer should hopefully be able to get somewhere with him or her (or their lawyer) before resorting to returning to court. 

If you were divorced in Cook, DuPage, or Kane county and need help enforcing maintenance payments or another provision of your divorce decree, call O'Connor Cadiz Law for a confidential consulation to run down all of your options before more time goes by. Located in Schaumburg and Itasca, our phone number is 630 250-8813.

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