What types of issues can be worked out at mediation involving my divorce or custody case?

Just about anything in dispute can be the subject of mediation. Typical issues seen in mediation of  family law cases involve:

  • Joint Custody or Sole Custody
  • Residential Custody (sometimes known as “Physical Custody”): Whom the kids will live with
  • Property Division: Who Gets What
  • What happens to The House?
  • How to divide debt at the time of divorce
  • Visitation of the Children
  • Maintenance or Spousal Support (this used to be called “Alimony”)
  • Division of Pension or other Retirement Benefits
  • Joint Parenting Agreements
  • Financial Issues in Divorce

Remember though, regardless of the issue, mediation won’t work if both sides are not willing to keep an open mind, listen, and be willing to work towards a fair resolution. 

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