What is the "Reconciliation Calendar" in my Illinois Divorce Case?

If a divorcing couple wants to put a divorce on hold while they try to work out their marriage, but doesn't want to completely withdraw their divorce case altogether yet, most Illinois courts have a formal "reconciliation calendar" which means that upon request of the parties, the court will schedule your case for a status update well into the future; usually in six months.  During this time, neither the parties nor their attorneys will be expected to move the case forward and the court will formally recognize that nothing is being done to advance your divorce on purpose. After the time period has passed, your judge will want to know if the divorce is being canceled or if it will continue where things left off. Keep in mind that this might interrupt legal grounds for irreconcilable differences which might ultimately delay a final divorce should reconciliation not work out.  Your divorce lawyer can best advise you on the best course of action to take if you are considering holding off on your divorce. To learn more about divorce procedures, claim your free book written by Carol O'Connor Cadiz, Defending the Ending. Or call our office to schedule a confidential consultation. 

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