What is a Uniform Order of Support?

A Uniform Order of Support is what Illinois courts use to formalize details relating to financial support in family law cases. This can include current child support, back child support, and maintenance (spousal support). It addresses issues such as:

  • Amount of Support paid
  • Frequency of payments (often linked to payor's paydays)
  • How the support will be paid (for example, as a paycheck withholding or directly)
  • Names of the children receiving child support under the order
  • When child support begins and ends
  • Medical Insurance


The form order should be completed by an attorney experienced in family law cases as any mistakes can cause delay or mistakes which can be tricky to fix.  The Uniform Order also needs to be signed by a judge. If you are in need of child support for your kids or are already getting child support but want it to be legally formalized, contact O'Connor Cadiz law for help. 

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