What is a "Reconciliation Calendar"?

Most Illinois domestic relations (family) courts have what is called a “reconciliation calendar”. This means that if the parties want to give their marriage another try after filing for divorce, the court can put the divorce case on hold. This is usually done for a period of six months to a year, to give the couple a chance to determine whether or not they want to stay married. The advantage to placing the divorce on a reconciliation calendar is that the court will not require any more court appearances by the lawyers during that time period, saving you money. Anything that was happening at the time is suspended. You and your spouse are given space and time.  In Cook County, the divorce case can only stay on the reconciliation calendar for one year after which time the case will either be dismissed or proceed to divorce. 

If you are in a divorce and are thinking of putting it on the reconciliation calendar, a motion must be filed with the court, notice provided to your spouse, and your motion presented to the judge. This may be a good time for counseling. If you are not represented by a lawyer and have a divorce in Cook, DuPage or Kane County and need help getting the case moved to reconciliation, call Carol O'Connor Cadiz at 630 250-8813 for a confidential appointment and further guidance. 

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