What happens at the Initial Consultation & Do I need one?

Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support and other family matters require an initial office consultation. Appointments are avaiable in Itasca (DuPage County) or Schaumburg (Cook County).  If you have a real estate matter, an office consultation is not necessary- just call. For Bankruptcy or Mediation, an appointment may or may not be needed, but again, give my office a call at 630 250-8813. Here is what you can expect from an office consultation at O'Connor Cadiz Law:


The office consultation is the best way to get your questions answered before deciding whether or not to hire a lawyer, or to hire a particular lawyer. After being greeted in a friendly environment, you will sit down with a lawyer whose first purpose today is to make you feel at ease during your appointment, as we know that making an appointment with a lawyer is not most people's idea of a good time, but rather a necessary first step to taking a weight off of your shoulders - whether you need a lawyer now or are just looking for information. My consultations are not sales pitches and are not about me but rather are meant as a time for you to get your questions answered.  Some people come in with a very particular problem and want to know their legal options, and others aren't sure if they will need a lawyer and just want information to gain peace of mind and understanding.  The consultation usually lasts about an hour and you won't be rushed out the door.  Feel free to take notes and ask for a hard copy of my divorce book if divorce is what you are coming in to talk about.


If you are considering meeting with a lawyer, something is probably on your mind.  While I limit the kinds of cases I take, call my office at 630 250-8813 or fill out a web form  to inquire about whether or not an office consultation would be helpful and appropriate for your needs, and I will look forward to sitting down with you.

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