What is a Chapter 13 "Confirmation" and do I need to worry about it?

Confirmation in Chapter 13 bankruptcy is just another term for formal approval of your plan by the Court. Your attorney will work very hard to come up with what is known as your Chapter 13 Plan. It acts like a roadmap to tell the court and creditors basically how much money you will be paying every month, how many months your plan will last, how much money is going towards secured creditors, how much your unsecured debtors get, how the car and the house will be handled, etc.  The plan has to not only has to be "do-able" for the debtor (or the person going through bankruptcy) but it has to be acceptable to the trustee and the court. A confirmation hearing is the formal court process whereby the judge will sign your plan for approval.  If the trustee or a creditor has objected to your plan, it is possible that the judge will not approve it and it may need to be adjusted accordingly. While good attorneys often prepare plans that will pass confirmation, it is also not unusual that a plan may not pass the first time and will need to be re-worked. While confirmation is not something to necessarily worry about, you will want to be aware of any possible objections and can breathe a sigh of relief once the plan has been confirmed as you are well on your way down the road to Chapter 13 debt relief. 

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