Should I wait to file for Bankruptcy?

If you are wondering if you should wait before filing for bankruptcy, either you want to wait in the hopes that your situation will change, making bankruptcy un-necessary, or else you have been advised that for strategic reasons- it is better to wait (for example, you have too much recent credit card usage which could be a problem).

If you are hoping that things will get better but there is no real reason to believe that your situation will change (for example, you are about to start a better job or get married), then you are probably living in denial about your situation and you need to face the facts now. That does not mean file for bankruptcy now, but at least you need to learn more by having an honest discussion with a bankruptcy lawyer, before things get worse. If you still aren't ready for that- request a free copy of my book "Bankruptcy Myths Exposed".  And remember, a good lawyer isn't going to try to "sell" you on filing for bankruptcy but rather should be able to lay out your options for you. 

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