Can my fiance and I use the same lawyer for our Prenup?

You are engaged = you share everything. I get it. But like your toothbrush, not everything is meant to be shared and this includes a lawyer for a prenup agreement. For one thing, no lawyer worth their salt is going to agree to represent both the bride and groom. This is where it gets tricky. The lawyer who was hired to write the agreement will likely represent the person who initiated the prenup and only that person. But that is unfortunately, not always communicated as well as it should be.  It needs to be crystal clear that if the other person is not hiring their own lawyer, the lawyer doesn't represent both parties. It would be a conflict of interest for the lawyer and this means that it is impossible to look out for both of you or give legal advice to anyone other than the client. It is expected that each person will use his or her own attorney. 

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