I’ve used Mediation in the workplace, with some success. Should I go back to that Mediator for my Divorce?

If in the past, you had a great eye doctor, are you going to return to that doctor for heel pain? Of course not, so why would you consider using a business mediator for your divorce? Divorce is a very complex, emotionally charged area and in my opinion, when searching for a mediator, you should use someone who is highly experienced in dealing with divorcing couples. Given the complete re-write of the divorce laws effective January 2016, this is more important than ever as you definitely want someone who is also well versed in the current laws!

At O'Connor Cadiz Law, we have gone through the 40 hours of mediation specific to divorce, and have been refining our skills every since! We know what it takes not only to have a good outcome in mediation but we also know what issues the judges are going to require be addressed at the time of your divorce.  Download our free report to learn more, or give us a call at 630-250-8813. We offer mediation in both Schaumburg and Itasca; thus serving both DuPage and Cook Counties. 

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