The people who are buying my house asked for an extension on the mortgage commitment date. What does that mean and should I agree?

Relax. Many first time home sellers freak out when they here this. Honestly, relax. All it means is that there was an arbitrary date in the contract by which time the buyer’s bank should issue a piece of paper confirming that the lender is able make the loan, and they don’t yet have it. So long as they haven’t been denied outright, it is likely that, for whatever reason, a little more time is needed for the underwriters to “commit”.  There are many reasons why this could be and some may not have anything directly to do with your buyer (such as a backup in the underwriting department). Don’t keep yourself awake at night.  Your attorney can try to find out why and give you advice but under normal circumstances, you should consider agreeing to it if you want to sell your house.  There are other options, be sure to discuss your particular case with your lawyer. 

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