What is a Memorandum of Understanding?

Once mediation is complete, your mediator will write up everything that was agreed upon. You don’t have to worry about taking notes or remembering everything that was agreed to, that is your mediator’s job. It will be typed up into a report called a “Memorandum of Understanding”. We send a copy of it to the parties (you & your spouse) and a copy to your lawyers, if you have any yet.   It will clearly spell out everything that you agreed upon, including partial agreements. For example, if you agree that the house will be sold and the proceeeds divided equally, but are not in agreement as to when the house goes on the market or who will stay in the house in the meantime, as much detail as would be helpful goes into the memoroandum of understanding. It is not filed with the court as it is used by the attorney(s) to put into proper legal format, after (we hope) givng you legal advice overall with respect to the agreement. 

I am here to help. Please let us know if you are interested in either learning more about divorce mediation or setting up at time to get started. 


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