How can I stop harassment by creditors? Will bankruptcy help?

There are two sure ways to stop creditors from bothering you when you owe them money. Pay them, or file for bankruptcy. If you had the money to pay them, you would have, and they wouldn't be bothering you. Assuming then that payment is not an option for you right now, it may be worth talking to a bankruptcy attorney.  As soon as you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect which means that creditors are legally forbidden from trying to collect from you while you are in bankrtupcy. This means that they cannot call you, they cannot garnish you, they cannot sue you, they cannot even send you a bill in the mail. It just stops! Once you have successfully emerged from bankruptcy, they won't have a reason to bug you anymore. Just to be clear, signing up with a credit counseling company does not have the same effect. Creditors are under no obligation whatsover to even deal with the credit counseling companies and certainly can continue to hound you. If you are in bankrtupcy, you have certain protections afforded to you under Federal law. That's powerful! Debt consolidations and credit counseling on the other hand are just private businesses.

If you are tired of being harassed by bill collectors and live in the Chicago area, give us a call at O'Connor Cadiz law. We'll sit down with you at one of our two offices (Schaumburg or Itasca) and look at your options to see if bankruptcy may be right for you. No obligation, no consultation fee, just answers to your questions.



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