I just got served with Illinois divorce papers but I live out of state. Now what?

Just because you live out of state does not mean that your spouse can’t divorce you in Illinois, so long as he or she meets certain requirements.  If you do not take action to participate, it is possible that your spouse can get the divorce without your input! This means that he or she will dictate the terms of the divorce and since you aren’t around to dispute anything, a judge will give them what they are asking for.  Don’t let that happen to you.  You should immediately (as there are very definite time frames involved) contact a divorce lawyer who is licensed to practice in Illinois who can handle the whole thing for you. You probably won’t even need to travel to Illinois or show up for court if you don’t want to.

At O’Connor Cadiz Law, we are experienced in representing people who live outside of Illinois whose spouses have filed for divorce in Cook County, DuPage County, or Kane County. Don’t let the Illinois filing scare you.  Contact us now to schedule a confidential phone consultation and don’t forget to reserve your copy of our free book about Illinois divorce.

By the way, you should be aware of the fact that if there are minor children involved, depending on where the kids are and where they have been, Illinois might not actually have jurisdiction to decide child custody because of a law called the UCCJA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act). Again, talk to a Chicago area divorce attorney to determine in what state your divorce and custody case should actually be in; you may actually be able to get the divorce transferred to your state. 

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