Can you Quote me a Fee for Bankruptcy?

Absolutely. Just not over the phone or online. Nor do we have a "fee sheet" for bankruptcy. If you are considering bankruptcy, naturally price will be a concern because you need something affordable. I don't believe in quoting fees over the phone since not one size fits all. It is like calling a dentist about your toothache and being quoted a fee before sitting in his chair with your mouth open. I prefer to give you some free information, to sit down with you, and to listen to exactly what brought you in and what you are looking to accomplish. Financial problems come in all shapes and sizes and so do their solutions. At O'Connor Cadiz law, assuming that bankruptcy is right for you, you will get a quote for bankruptcy in person, after you have had a chance to speak in depth about your problem. You don't want to find that a  "phone quote" doesn't match up with what you are being told once you are in someone's office and the whole story comes out.  In person quotes, to me, are just more fair.

Located in Itasca and Schaumburg, give us a call to set up a no obligation, no cost consultation for bankruptcy at 630 250-8813. 

Carol O'Connor Cadiz
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