How will my creditors know that I filed for bankruptcy?

While the bankruptcy court sends notification out to creditors, if they contact you after filing for bankruptcy it is likely that the information just hasn't made it into their system yet. You will be issued a unique bankruptcy case number immediately upon filing. If a creditor calls, give them your bankruptcy case number, the court and district where you filed (for example, the Northern DIstrict of Illinois), the chapter that you filed for (for example, "I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection") and the actual date that your case was filed with the court. Or, you can give them your attorney's phone number who will provide the information for you. 

If you want to file a bankrtupcy in the Chicago area but do not feel like dealing with creditors either before or after filing your case, call O'Connor Cadiz law for help. If we take your bankruptcy case, not only will we do your bankruptcy for you but will also deal with your creditors so that you don't have to. 

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