Do I have to pay for my car if it is repossessed?

Worried that the repo man is looking for your car? If you can't afford your payments and are going to just let the car be repossessed, you may still have to pay back the remaining car payments (and costs of repossession, storage, auction fees, etc) which will be offset by the amount that it gets sold for at auction. This is what is known as the "deficiency" amount. So essentially, you are getting stuck paying for a car that you no longer have. Bankruptcy is a beautiful thing in this respect in that it can "wipe out" the deficiency and you walk away from your car without having to worry about getting stuck with a bill later.

Bankruptcy is a powerful too and has multiple benefits when used correctly and in appropriate circumstances. To learn more about this form of debt relief, be sure to request our free book "Bankruptcy Myths Exposed". 

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