Are there any debts that I cannot eliminate in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

While most debts can be elmiated, or "discharged" in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are certain kinds of debt that are normally nondischargeable (some very limited exeptions do exist for some). They are:

  • student loans
  • child support 
  • obligations of spousal support (called maintenance in Illinois)
  • debts that are owed to a government (for instance: fines, tax, court costs, parking tickets, etc)
  • post petition Homeowners association and condo fees 
  • money damages due as the result of your DUI (drunk driving)


If you are obligated on any of these non-dischargaable debts, it does not mean that a bankruptcy can't help you. Do you have other debt such as credit card bills, loan, or medical debt that you struggle with? If you do, a bankrutpcy may elimiate other debt for you which can make it easier to meet your obligations on the non-dischargeable debt. If you have been financially struggling for a while, stop wondering and start planning. Schedule a consultation with our office to find out what your best options are. 

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