What happens when a residential parent wants to move from Illinois with the kids?

Even if you have sole custody of your child in a divorce, Illinois removal laws still apply. Removal is when the parent who the child or children live with wants to move out of the State of Illinois. If the other parent has visitation rights, you'll need his or her permission to go. If you don't get it, then a judge will decide and you should be prepared to prove to the court that the move is going to benefit the kids more than the harm done by messing with the visitation schedule. In successful removal cases, the visitation schedule often has to be reworked to accommodate new distances. Whether you are the parent seeking removal or the parent who is opposed to your ex's planned move - it is a good idea to be armed with information. Call us at O'Connor Cadiz Law to set up a consultation so that you can plan the best way to approach this delicate situation. Often times,  parents facing removal situations after a divorce end up in mediation to find the best way to accommodate the needs of the child and keep the parent-child relationship intact. We can also help with mediation in removal situations.


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