I have tons of medical debt- can a bankruptcy help me deal with it?

Overwhelming medical debt is a primary reason that people have to file for bankruptcy. An unexpeceted illness or accident, loss of medical insurance or insufficient health insurance can be devastating. Just like no one wants to wind up in the hospital or at the doctor's office, no one starts out wanting to end up in the office of a bankruptcy lawyer either. But sometimes all of the above are needed in order to get you the help that you need, for your physical health and later, for your financial health. Just one illness or hospitalization can be enough to financially cripple a family, possibly for years to come. If you can afford to pay your medical bills, you should absolutely pay them. But sometimes it is not so easy and despite your best efforts, demands for immediate payment might be more than what you are able to do without risking other basic facets of your life such as housing, food, or transportation to work. Many hospitals or other health care providers will put you on a no-interest payment plan, usually for two years. But what happens when you don't have the minimum amount they are demanding, or there are so many providers asking for payment at once, that there is nothing left for you? This is when it might make sense to consider bankruptcy to either elimiate the bills in a Chapter 7 or go on a payment plan as determined by the court (not your creditors) in a Chapter 13. You should at least learn your options and ask any questions that you have about bankruptcy. Call a Chicago area bankruptcy lawyer to set up a free, no obligation consultation at O'Connor Cadiz Law. We are located in Scahumburg and Itasca and are ready to help discuss bankruptcy with you if you are facing overwhelming medical or othe debt. 


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