In Considering Divorce, What Documents Should I Start to Gather?

If you are facing  divorce, you may be wondering what documents you will need. While each set of circumstances will require different things at different times, if you wish to be pro-active and start to gather paperwork which might be needed later - here is a helpful list..

* Bank Statements
* Pay Stubs
* Retirement Plan Statements
* Car Titles
* 2-3 years of most recent tax returns & schedules including W2's.
* Recent mortgage statement if you own a house
* Bills
* Credit Card Statements

If you have a lawyer, you may want to give the documents to your attorney for safekeeping and to avoid delays down the road. Its never to early to be prepared. If you may be divorcing in the Illinois Counties Cook, DuPage, or Kane- O'Connor Cadiz law may be able to help you. Our free book "Defending the Ending" is available for you, or else call to schedule a confidential office consultation. 

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