I totally trust my fiancé- do I need a lawyer for our Prenup?

Yes. Having your own lawyer for an Illinois prenuptial agreement does not mean that you don't trust your fiance. It means that you want to be an equally informed partner in all aspects of your marriage, right from the get-go. It demonstates maturity on your part and a willingness to participate. Your own lawyer will sit down and discuss all aspects of the antenuptial agreement in a way that your fiance can't. Your lawyer will probably have a much better understanding of it than your fiance will including how it could impact your future in the event of a divorce. We hope that it never comes to that but if it does, you don't want to be wishing then that you had all of your legal rights explained to you before you signed it. If there is something that you don't like, there is room for negotiation but only before you sign it. Other critical aspects to a valid prenup are the timing and the disclosures

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