At What Point do I need to hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

Do not wait to hire a real estate lawyer! Its not a bad idea to line one up as soon as you know that you are going to be selling your house or buying one. At the very, very latest, you should be hiring your attorney within 24 hours of signing acceptance on your contract (‘the offer’) with a buyer or seller.  Most (not all) contracts will only give five days in which to have an attorney review your contract or make changes to it, and within 5 days, the buyer’s lawyer will likely be sending out a letter with their “attorney review” modifications and/ or requests from the property inspection.  If you are the seller, your lawyer also needs to get moving on ordering title and other tasks sooner rather than later, to meet your closing date.  It is likely, though, that you will have legal questions even before your house is under contract, and since you are paying a flat fee (no hourly charges here), you may as well hire a lawyer as early on in the process as possible so that you can ask questions as they arise.


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