Will Bankruptcy stop harassing calls from creditors?

Yes, Bankruptcy will stop all calls from creditors. Its the law. Don't worry, you don't have to change your phone number to hide from your creditors! As soon as you file for bankruptcy relief and protection, an "automatic stay" goes into effect which means that no efforts to collect from you can be made during your bankruptcy, and this includes phone calls. Finally, you don't have to worry every time your phone rings, let it just be family and friends.

End the feeling of dread that comes with the ringing of your telephone. Even before you file, your attorney's office at O'Connor Cadiz Law can take those calls for you once retained to represent you in a bankruptcy. First things first, let's make sure that bankruptcy is the right way to go for you. A consultation at either our Schaumburg or Itasca office will give you an honest evaluation. If you are being harassed on the phone by bill collectors, the time has come for you to do something about it. Call us at 630 250-8813 today. 

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