I can pay my monthly expenses- can I still file for bankruptcy?

Many people who are really struggling with debt mistakenly think that bankruptcy is only for people who can't even meet their basic needs every month. Not true. There are different types of bankruptcy and several factors come into play in determining who qualifies for what kind of debt relief. Don't be one of the many who discredit the possibility of being helped by bankruptcy because you have an income and are able to pay for your living expenses. If, for instance, your income covers your rent, food, utilities, car payment, and reasonable recurring expenses needed to get by, you might still be saddled with too much credit card or other debt and don't have enough money to go around to make those payments. If you have next to nothing (or nothing) left at the end of the month to pay your creditors, you might qualify for what is known as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and eliminate your debt. If you have regular income each month and even have some left over, depending on your other circumstances you might still qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy which lets you pay off only a portion of your debt over a 3 to 5 year period.  Stop worrying and find out today if bankruptcy can help. Contact O'Connor Cadiz Law in Schaumburg or Itasca to set up a no obligation, no fee bankruptcy consultation.

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