How long does Divorce Mediation take?

As long as you need for it to, so long as it is still productive.  There really is no typical but a good starting point is to try a few sessions of around 3 hours to see how it is going.  If it can be worked out in that time frame, great! If not, but you think it is definitely going somewhere, then you can schedule more time. Look for a mediator who will work with you at your pace. Sometimes people want to schedule a long stretch, others chose to break it up. There really is no science behind it and should be whatever works for your schedule. That being said, remember that this is a process and you should give your first session at least 3 hours. That is my recommendation. 

If you think that divorce mediation might be right for you, either download my free report about divorce mediation, or else give us a call to learn more! Ready to jump right in? We can do that too! Divorce mediations can be done in either our Schaumburg or Itasca offices. Call us at 630 250-8813


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