In a divorce, how is our furniture and other stuff divided?

For the most part, you and your divorcing spouse should be able to agree on who gets what, in terms of stuff or household goods/ furniture. However, there will probably be things that you both want in which case it might make sense to make a list of the disputed items and take turns picking. There has to be a little give and take on both sides. Often, it makes sense to save the discussion for later in the divorce process once you have each decided where you will be living after the divorce. It doesn't make sense to fight for the king size bed if you will be moving into a place with a relatively small master bedroom, or to fight for the snow blower if you are going to a condo. Think twice before getting your divorce lawyer involved in negotiations of personal property, sometimes the cost of replacing a particular item is going to be less expensive than the cost of getting two lawyers involved. A good rule of thumb in divorce negotiations is to think first about what issues are truly important to you and then pick your battles. 

Negotiating personal property is one of the easier parts of divorce. Make sure that you have an experienced divorce lawyer on your side for the rest of it. Located in Schaumburg and Itasca, the firm of O'Connor Cadiz Law can navigate your divorce for you. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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